Special Issue

A Special issue on ‘European Creative Cities and Covid-19’ is to be developed at the Colloquium in Biella . Papers will be actively developed through the Colloquium (23rd-24th June 2022) and aimed at Urban Studies (or another high-ranking journal) following the series, with support from initial peer review at the colloquium prior to submission (tbc late 2022).

The special issue aims to challenge both the discourses and practices of the creative city and encourage a reimagining of creative economies. We aim to include papers from a range of academic disciplines addressing common interests in creative city policies, urban creative economies development and issues associated with the pandemic. We invite papers that relate to international contexts, addressing topics including but not limited to:

  • Medium and long-term impacts of Covid-19 had on urban creative economies, including different ways in which the pandemic has hit areas of the creative economy
  • Critical discussions on the conceptual framing and rhetoric of the creative city in relation to the crisis
  • Injustices/imbalances and cracks in creative city planning and implementation highlighted and heightened by the pandemic
  • The role of public policy and governance practices and processes in sharing recovery strategies, resilience and adaptation to the crisis
  • Local opportunities for sustainable and inclusive (re)development and policymaking
  • Socially innovative / alternative/ participatory models to support creative workers and organisations during/after the pandemic
  • Emerging grassroots economies in the cultural sector led by creative workers and independent organisations
  • Alternative forms of creativity and urban interaction emerging during the pandemic
  • Alternative futures for creative cities 

The call for extended abstracts for the Colloquium is available below.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 28th February 2022.

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