June 2022

The Colloquium will bring together up to 10 academic participants (aiming for 50%+ early-career) and additional local stakeholders over two-days (max 20 participants including organisers). The Colloquium will be a physical event (socially distanced with online participation option) that brings together the outcomes of the Urban Forums with discussions on key issues emerging. A main focus of the Colloquium will be developing papers for a peer-reviewed special issue journal on European Creative Cities and Covid-19. The colloquium will also include three city panel discussions and two “City Cafés” addressing emerging themes, issues and recommendations for community and policy stakeholders. Dr Laura Burroco will deliver a workshop on decolonialising urban creative economies research with a mutual learning activity with southern cities.

There will be whole group networking and social activities planned, including communal breakfasts, a dinner, a guided tour of Cittadellarte and a walking tour of Biella. Day-time catering and one workshop dinner will be included in the free registration for the Colloquium.

To participate in the colloquium, extended abstracts will be submitted for consideration by a panel. Selected participants will be invited to submit papers in advance for paired one-to-one feedback and discussion during the colloquium. The call for abstracts will be announced in February 2022

Schedule Day 1

Time & ActivityDescriptionOrganiser/Presenter
9:00 BreakfastCommunal breakfast (if arriving night before)Venue
10:00 RegistrationRefreshments availableVenue
10:30 OpeningOpening remarks – Fondazione PistolettoVenue
10:45 Welcome and IntroductionFraming of purpose of event + scheduleEngland, Rossi, Moisio
11:00 City Panel 1Key themes from Forums (15 mins) + questions and commentsEngland
11:30 City Panel 2Key themes from Forums (15 mins) + questions and commentsRossi
12:00 BreakTea, coffee and biscuits Venue
12:15 City Panel 3 Presentation + questionsMoisio
12:45 City Panel conclusionSummary remarks and identifying topics for further discussion England, Rossi, Moisio
13:00 Lunch  Venue
13:30 Cittadellarte tourGuided tour of “City of Arts” collections (optional)Venue
14:30 One-to-one Discussant Block 1Paired discussions (20 minutes each) on papersEngland, Rossi, Moisio
15:45 BreakTea/coffeeVenue
16:00 One-to-one Discussant Block 2Paired discussions (20 minutes each) on papersEngland, Rossi, Moisio
16:45Generating ideas for day 2 “Cafés”England, Rossi, Moisio
17:00Conclusion Day 1 followed by free time to explore the cityEngland, Rossi, Moisio
19:30 Communal dinner Local restaurant in Biella / CittadellarteVenue

Schedule Day 2

Time & ActivityDescriptionOrganiser/Presenter
09:00 BreakfastCommunal breakfast and final “Cafés” ideasVenue
09:30 Photo competitionWinner announcedEngland
09:40Café themes shared and sign-up sheets created for each groupEngland, Rossi, Moisio
10:00 Creative City Café 1Small discussion groups on emerging themes in response to the Urban Forums and City Panels. Key discussion summarised by one participant from each group.England, Rossi, Moisio
11:00 BreakTea/coffeeVenue
11:15 Creative City Café 2Small discussion groups on research approaches, summarised by one participant from each group England, Rossi, Moisio
12:15 Walking tour Optional walking tour of local sitesLocal participants  
13.00 Lunch  Venue
13.30 WorkshopDecolonialising urban studies and mutual learning with Southern citiesBurocco – researcher in Urban Policies and Development
14.45 Feedback and FuturesWhole group reflection – key findings and questions; plans for submitting special issue. Opportunity to discuss additional plans collaborations and future eventsEngland, Rossi, Moisio
15:30 Wrap up (16:00 close)Closing remarksEngland, Rossi, Moisio

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