“Creative Cities & Covid-19: Reimagining creative economies” Colloquium

23-24th June 2022

Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella, Italy

The Colloquium “Creative Cities & Covid-19: Reimagining creative economies” will take place over two-days at Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella, Italy.

The Colloquium is intended to be a physical event that brings together the outcomes of the Urban Forums with discussions on key issues emerging. A main focus of the Colloquium will be developing papers for a peer-reviewed special issue journal on Reimagining Creative Cities and Cultural Economies, that challenges the discourses and practices of creative cities.

The colloquium will include reflections from the three Urban Forums and a “City Café” addressing emerging themes, issues and recommendations for community and policy stakeholders. An “In conversation” discussion will take place with Dr Andrea Pollio and Dr Liza Rose Cirolia (African Centre for Cities) discussing their collaborative work on startup culture in Africa. Paired feedback sessions between participants will support paper development.

There will be whole group networking and social activities planned, including communal breakfasts, a dinner, a guided tour of Cittadellarte and a walking tour of Biella.

Day-time catering and one workshop dinner will be included in the free registration for the Colloquium. Accommodation will be available at the venue, Fondazione Pistoletto and where possible we will facilitate group transfers to airports. Participants will be required to fund their own travel, accommodation and any additional meals.

Papers were selected by a panel. Selected participants will be invited to submit papers in advance for paired one-to-one feedback and discussion during the colloquium.

There is an emphasis on Early-Career participation, with a number of bursaries to support accepted participants.

The call for extended abstracts and details for the colloquium are provided in the document below. Please see the document for submission details. The deadline for submissions was Monday 28th Feb 2022.

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